Croydon Stands Tall Sponsors

By sponsoring our giraffe sculptures, organisations are supporting economic regeneration, drawing visitors to Croydon, and contributing to the recovery of the town’s retail and hospitality industries and cultural institutions.

What’s more, their sponsorship is supporting and raising money for our charity partner, Crisis Skylight Croydon.


As a leading employer in the area, Superdrug has been in partnership with Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) for many years and will champion Croydon Stands Tall to help drive further footfall to the area and support local creative industries.

“As a team we immediately resonated with the initiative and the giraffes, being animals with the biggest hearts that thrive when surrounded by others. We look forward to continuing to build relationships with the local communities through this initiative.”

Amy Davies, People Director, Superdrug

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A Wild in Art Event

Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular public art events and creative projects which enrich, entertain, inform and connect communities – giving people of all ages a voice through art.

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