We have our final artists!

Croydon Stands Tall has reached exciting new heights as the final artists and their designs have been chosen. More than 200 designs were shortlisted to 60 at the end of March, and the final 30 designs have now been chosen.

We’d like to thank all of the artists who submitted designs for Croydon Stands Tall.

Our Artists


MurWalls is made up of some of the UK’s finest street artists with years of real street art life experience.

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Students of Croydon College School of Art

Students Theo Arnold, Ruby Andrews, Iris Mariano and Tiarna Thomas of Croydon College School of Art have painted one of our 8ft giraffes for Croydon Stands Tall. 

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Marta Zubieta

My name is Marta Zubieta, and I am a Spanish artist, muralist and illustrator. I am inspired by 90s cartoons, sci-fi, pop-surreal art and Latin folklore.

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Aasiri Wickremage

Aasiri’s approach to painting has been influenced by her Asian heritage from Sri Lanka and other Asian countries she has lived in. She was an award winner at the London Biennale 2019.

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Rachel Hunt

Rachel is a qualified architect and illustrator residing in London. She practised for several years before pursuing a career in illustration, and her work has since been published in numerous publications.

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Aaron Bevan

Aaron Bevan is a Croydon-based artist whose work evokes nostalgia and joy in others through fun patterns, and vibrant colours.

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Becky James

Becky is a live scribe artist and muralist with over 14 years of experience in the art industry.

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Zita Holbourne

Zita is an award winning, multi disciplinary artist, equality/human rights campaigner, community activist and trade unionist. She is a visual artist, poet, author and vocalist.

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An artist with a vivid imagination, Frankie Curtis, who was born and raised in Croydon, has developed a distinct style inspired by her childhood spent watching cartoons.

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Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is a Contemporary Urban Pop Artist from London who specialises in stencils and has exhibited all over the world.

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Becky Smith

With over 3.5 million views on TikTok, emerging artist Becky Smith has quickly forged a committed following for her immersive original works that advocate the purest form of imagination.

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Hannah Sykes

Hannah Sykes (HannDrawn) is a former fashion designer turned Mural Artist, Illustrator, and Calligrapher located in London.

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Felipe Caro

Felipe Caro is a freelance illustrator, designer, and visual storyteller from Colombia who now resides in London.

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Harkiran Kalsi 

Harkiran Kalsi is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and muralist based in London. Kalsi’s work is an exciting blend of graphic design, murals, illustration and freehand typography.

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Tipperleyhill are two artists, Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill, who work together on every piece. Their passion is to paint bright contemporary, abstract florals. 

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Alec Saunders

Having lived and worked in Croydon his entire life, Alec is an advocate for the town, which comes through in his work as a street artist.

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Jeru Nomi

Jeru is a multidisciplinary artist, but her work is primarily focused on her distinct style, which she refers to as “one line drawings.”

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Cristina Clementel

Cristina is an artist and architect, living and working between London and Italy.

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Charlotte Adderley

Charlotte Adderley (charlotteaart) is a Lincolnshire-based illustrator who enjoys creating characters with crazy expressions and drawing them in humorous scenarios.

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Morgan Davy

Morgan Davy is a full time, self-taught, outsider artist born in the UK, who has been spray painting the streets since 2001.

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Peter Poole

Peter Poole creates artwork that blends realistic elements with imaginative ideas, including still life, landscape, and urban scenes.

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Becky Dodd

Hi I am Becky aka Doddy Design, an adventurous freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Wimborne, Dorset!

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Phillippa and Rachael Corcutt

Rachael and Phillippa are illustrators and twin sisters who work together as an illustration collective.

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Mik Richardson

Mik is a Norfolk based artist who has run his own art business since leaving the RAF in 2006.

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Kelvin Bersamin – John Ruskin College

Student Kelvin Bersamin of John Ruskin College has painted one of our 8ft giraffes for Croydon Stands Tall.

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Nicola Mills

Nicola Mills is a trained 3D designer and artist. She works in a number of different primary schools, teaching art and transforming school environments into vibrant creative spaces. 

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Donna Newman

Donna Newman is the Artist behind Eden-designs Murals. Working with schools, she seeks to inspire young people by transforming their learning environments with her vibrant artwork.

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Lucy Hebden

Lucy (Lucy Loves Design) is a surface pattern and printed textile designer who loves to draw, paint, collage and explore new ways of making patterns

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Jill Busby

Jill Busby has worked for many years as a graphic designer, art-worker and mock-up artist in the advertising industry developing packaging and corporate branding.

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Nicole Lane

My name is Nicole Lane and I have lived in Croydon for most of my life. I love drawing, painting and doodling as a hobby.

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