Why a herd of giraffes will be taking over Croydon

Posted 2nd September 2022

As a borough, we have been through a great deal. Now it is time to look forward, together, as we aim to recover, recreate and inspire all corners of our communities through one of the most ambitious art trails Croydon has ever seen – Croydon Stands Tall.

In 2023, Croydon will host the London Borough of Culture, an opportunity for us not only to showcase our diverse talents but to demonstrate the importance culture plays in our economic revival. 

In doing so, Croydon Business Improvement District (BID) is working with creative producers Wild in Art to develop a large-scale public art event of over 30 individually designed giraffe sculptures, producing an art trail of discovery for local people and visitors of all ages to explore and enjoy.

Why a giraffe?

Giraffes are incredible creatures, gracefully standing up to 18 feet tall with iconic features and habits. 

Thanks to their towering legs, long necks, and overall majestic presence they fascinate people of all ages.

The giraffe also represents strength, aspiration, uniqueness, and pride; they stand tall and make a BIG impression wherever they go.

From how giraffes appear to what they represent, we are proud to draw the likeness of these incredible animals with the uniqueness and strength of Croydon.

Together we can stand up, stand out and stand tall.

Giraffe Stock

A Wild in Art Event

Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular public art events and creative projects which enrich, entertain, inform and connect communities – giving people of all ages a voice through art.

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